Worldwide Computer Programmer Salary

Worldwide Computer Programmer Salary

Computer Programmer Salary

The digital era is in full expansion, because technology has taken over a generous percentage of the economy. More and more people choose to excel in the more advanced studies of computer science, and the market is increasingly open to a large number of programmers. Many say this industry is close to gaining a state of saturation, due to the average computer programmer salary which has been constantly increasing in the past decade.

Why is computer programmer salary high?

It is widely known that the average computer programmer salary is very high. It is a job that does not only require a lot of intellectual effort, but also overtime work and very little free time. Firstly, if you want to become a software engineer, you have to study mathematics and computer science intensively and always be in touch with the latest forms of technology. These things can only be done with plenty of resources, both material and educational, in order to develop the necessary skills for such a job. However difficult this might seem, the computer programmer salary is immensely satisfying in many countries. In USA, for example, the average pay can reach $ 4, 000, while in several European countries the pay is increasing formidably, reaching $ 1000 – $ 2000 per month.

Worldwide Computer Programmer Salary


Even though the computer programmer salary seems like a very good deal to start working in this domain, working hard will definitely provide other valuable rewards. Programming can be done from anywhere, so the hiring opportunities are definitely in a larger number and far more flexible. Also, besides the median computer programmer salary estimated to $ 71 000 in 2010 in USA, one can also work as a freelancer, develop their own projects and constantly evolve in this field. Not only can one have a stable job, but they can also work on equally important projects outside their work, in exchange, however, of their free time and a more active personal life. Many software developers that worked for the creation of a video-game have also developed games of their own based on the wide knowledge they acquired as programmers.

Payment Of Computer Programmer Salary


In spite of the computer programmer salary, which is, as previously stated, a major benefit, it is not always an opportunity to be pursued in the long run. Career and payment is always going to vary based on a number of factors, such as experience, educational level and availability. Indeed, the computer programmer salary is definitely good on average, but as the market increases, the more programmers there are, and not all of them are equally qualified. It takes sacrifice and hard work to achieve mastery in this domain, and hundreds of beginners are hired annually in large companies for a programmer salary that is not always equal to the median pay around the world. The more people will take interest in studying and working in this line of work, the fewer jobs will be available; therefore the market for programming is bound to crash eventually.

To sum up, if you want to join this particular field, now is the time to fully explore computer programming. With the average computer programmer salary increasing year after year, the job opportunities being larger and more flexible and with the availability of various resources available at any corner, someone who has entry-level experience in mathematics and computer sciences definitely has the opportunity to evolve and become a valuable worker in this domain.