Top Computer Engineering Schools 2015

Top Computer Engineering Schools 2015

There are many top engineering schools in the country. Some are costly, but they will give you a valuable education. This article lists the top engineering schools in the USA for undergraduate studies.

Top Computer Engineering Schools East Coast Schools

Top computer engineering schools on the east coast come in a variety of choices and include four esteemed universities. At the top of the list is the famous MIT. Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge was ranked as the number one school for computer engineering by a study conducted in 2014. Yearly tuition costs about $45,000. Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was ranked number seven in 2016. The yearly tuition at Carnegie Mellon is around $49,000. The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor tied with Carnegie Mellon for seventh place, but the University of Michigan has a yearly tuition of only $14,000. The ivy league giant, Princeton University, tied for tenth place as one of the best computer engineering schools. Yearly tuition at Princeton will cost you $42,000.

Top Computer Engineering Schools West Coast Schools

Top computer engineering schools on the west coast include three different universities. The second best school is Stanford University in Stanford, California and the third is the University of California at Berkeley. Both these schools are well known and even though the tuition is steep, both averaging around $45,000 per year, the curriculum and name will give you a great foundation for getting into the field of computer engineering. The California Institute of Technology is fourth on the list of the best schools and tuition is slightly less than the others at $44,000 a year.

Top computer engineering schools

Top Computer Engineering Schools Reasons to Attend Different Schools

Top computer engineering schools have many perks. At MIT, you can live in the dorm known as The Sponge, which was designed by famous architect Steven Holl. At Stanford and the University of California, you can bask in the sun year round. At Carnegie Mellon, you can cheer on the Penguins hockey team or cheer on the Pittsburgh, Steelers. Or, you can go to Princeton. It’s the fourth-oldest college in the United States and its alumni include F. Scott Fitzgerald, Thornton Wilder and Brook Shields. Princeton honors the past, embraces the present and leads the way for future generations.
These are just some of the top engineering schools that will lead you on the path to becoming a computer engineer. But, who needs the other when faced with these options. If you’re a sun lover head to California. If you love the seasons with a personality of their own, head to MIT or Princeton. Wherever you go, you will be getting a great education at these top computer engineering schools.