Software Engineer Salary – 2014’s Highly Paid Major

Software engineering is one of the most liked major among the college students because of the scope in this field and also the ease of work with which a software engineer do their jobs in the companies. A comfortable room with a desk and cool atmosphere is what that characterizes the office of a software engineer. Software engineer salary is one of the highest salaries among other college majors. The main reason behind this high software engineer salary is the rapid advancement in technology that requires a software engineer to continue creating interesting software’s.

Getting Handsome Software Engineer Salary

The salary packages given to software engineers are full of compensations. Software engineers who have good personal as well as technical skills are likely to get their salaries increase in a few months with better flexibility, brilliant job prospects and more options for advancement in the future. The software engineers are usually given good starting software engineer salary.

The typical tasks of a software engineer include design, modify, test and troubleshoot the packaged software and customized applications, install software apps or operating system etc. A bachelor degree with few years of experience will help you to earn high software engineer salary. A software engineer must have clear concepts of his field who can work under direct management. They are well trained in a variety of technologies.Software Engineer Salary 2014 Highly Paid Major

Software Engineer Salary Analysis

The HR of a reputed company reported that in 2014 the estimated software engineer salary on average in the United States is $60,965. According to a survey done by Glassdoor, among the highest paid cities for software engineers, the San Francisco Bay area offers the greatest software engineer salary of $111,885 on average while Seattle gives the salary of around $103,196 and San Diego presents $93,993 to its software engineers.

It is expected that more than 1.1 million software engineers overall are to be employed in the field of software engineering by 2016. The standard range of software engineer salary for 50% of engineer is between $67,130 and $101,520 while 10% of them get less than $53,180 and the top 10% get more than $144,240. The average yearly software engineer salary given by Computer, networking and office equipment is $87,220. Software engineers employ in Computer services receive an annual salary of $81,430. Engineering contract services companies offer a yearly salary of $77,560 while the Professional and consumer products companies present an average salary of $86,190.

Top Companies Paying High Software Engineer Salary

Technological companies are hiring more and more software engineers to meet the growing need of people. The companies who pay highest software engineer salary are not only Google or Facebook; now there many other companies who have come in the market to pursue new software engineers.

A survey done by Glassdoor shows that the top most company to pay big software engineer salary is Juniper Networks who offers a base salary of $128,378 averagely. Google stands at second in this list to pay an average software engineer salary of $124,520. Then comes Twitter with a mean base salary of $120,768, followed by Facebook to pay an average software engineer salary of $118,857.