The Scope of Computer Science and Engineering in the Superpower

The Scope of Computer Science and Engineering in the Superpower

The Dynamics of the Computer Science And Engineering Market In The US:

Computer Science and engineering today is the talk of the day globally, let alone the US. To ignore or undermine the fact that computer technology has arrived and is here to stay would be a mistake in itself. Individuals, businesses and even nations have acknowledged the positive impact of technology and have taken steps to incorporate them into all aspects of modern lives. Computer science and engineering undoubtedly is a revolution that has changed the course of how businesses operated and it will keep doing that in the foreseeable future. The US however faces one problem. Computer software development in the region has been found to be comparatively expensive. Whilst computer science and technology is driving down prices internationally, this seems to be a surprising revelation. One major reason for this is outsourcing. This is the tendency to divest specialized business departments and ask external agencies to perform those services for the firm. Bulk of the programming jobs in the US is being sent overseas. This puts a huge drain on computer science and engineering costs inside the US.The Scope of Computer Science and Engineering in the Superpower

Is The US Importing Computer Science And Engineering?

It was mentioned above that American firms tend to outsource computer science and engineering jobs overseas. This gives birth to an interesting question. Is the US; one of the superpowers of the world, not good at computer science and engineering? That did not sound well, did it? In fact research has identified that a considerable number of US managers believe that the quality of locally produced computer software is not up to the mark. Some may have gone too far by calling it poor. What then is the problem? Computer science and engineering seems to be the job of the day and yet America fails to instigate youth interest in this industry? The problem is not too hard to find. All the prominent literature on computer science and engineering produced inside the US does not take into account the fact that university graduates have to go through long apprenticeship periods before they can master this art. If studied with a keen eye, the literature is found to be useful theoretically but not practically. Unless American publishing houses and universities realize that producing award winning literature does have an enormous opportunity cost in terms of American jobs going away, the scenario looks ominous.

How Can The US Revitalize Computer Science And Engineering?

The question then remains as to how the US authorities can redeem the computer science and engineering industry. The first key to effectively doing this is to produce quality literature on computer science and engineering. The best way to do this is to provide incentives to universities and other related organizations to devote resources to service this cause. Once the audience gets to read well-structured knowledge, the quality of the output would eventually improve. Moreover the authorities need to make attempts to communicate the benefits of opting for courses in the field of computer science and engineering. Computer science and engineering is an established industry that is always coming up with emerging markets and prospects. Once American university students start selecting such specializations in numbers, the signs would look anything but depressing.