The salary of an architectural engineer Salary all over the world

The salary of an architectural engineer Salary all over the world

An architectural engineer sometimes called a building engineer is one who applies engineering principles to the design & construction of a building. An architect is sometimes confused with an architectural engineer but there is a clear difference between the two. An architect usually designs map of a building with dimensions, size, shape of different areas where as architectural engineer design structural system of the building including energy efficient systems, air vents, pipeline system, heating& cooling system, lighting etc.


Statistics of Architectural engineer salary:

Compared to architects, the architectural engineer salary is normally very high. Normally the architectural engineer salary ranges from $81,840 to $159,830 per annum. According to the US Bureau of Labor statistics, about 45,710 numbers of employees have been hired as Architectural Engineers and they earn about $136,140 annual mean salary. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that an entry level architectural engineer salary is usually around $51,810 per annum and an experienced architectural engineer salary is usually around or above $126,190 per annum. The salary of an architectural engineer varies according to experience and expertise. With more and more construction all over the world, it has been expected that the number of employments in architectural engineering will be increased by a rate of 20% very soon.

Difference in Architectural Engineer Salary according to employer & location:

It’s a matter of fact that just like experience, location & employer are the factors that greatly affect the architectural engineer salary. According to the report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the architectural engineer salary for the individuals working in architectural companies is about $87,620 per annum. The architectural engineers who work for gas & oil industries make an average income of about $118,790 annually. The architectural engineer salary for the public sector employees ranges from $77,620 to $860,040. Similarly, the area of employment affects the pay rate of an architectural engineer. Bureau of Labor statistic states that most of the architectural engineers are employed in Texas, Pennsylvania, California, Florida &New York areas & they are enjoying architectural engineer salary of about $81,600-$98,560 annually. Texas and Alaska are the cities that offer the higher pay to architectural engineers. West Virginia, Alabama & Arkansas offers less than $72,760 per annum for architectural engineers.Statistics of Architectural engineer salary

Architect salary & course versus architectural engineer salary & course:

Both the architects and architectural engineers need to do a 5 year bachelors degree course. Some colleges even extend this course to incorporate additional courses and material. To get the more depth of the course, most of the architectural engineers proceed in the masters program. This also allows them to earn a good architectural engineer salary. The basic difference between architectural engineering and architecture is that architectural engineering focuses on engineering aspects including electrical and mechanical design where as architecture course focuses on layouts of building design. Many of the other courses of the two fields are similar. The salary range of two has quite lot dissimilarities. The architectural engineer salary usually starts from $50000 where as architects salary starts from $30000 per year. According to bureau of labour statistics, the average mean salary of architects was recorded to be only $78650 where as architectural engineer salary was recorded to be $150,000 per year.