Positioning of Top Computer Engineering Schools

Positioning of Top Computer Engineering Schools

Top Computer Engineering Schools; Return of Investment

It has well known that undergraduate students of computer engineering need to increase their knowledge to start their career as engineers. The competition between them appears in skills they are trying to develop, increase, and optimize. Those students to reach their goal, and build their engineering career, they start to join engineering schools and institutes teaching engineering. Top computer engineering schools could be identifying by various ways. If we say that the top computer engineering schools could be determined by the value of salaries offered for their graduates, the mission will seem to be easy, as there are a lot of reports regarding fresh graduated computer engineers, about both of salaries they request & offers they accept, but with no accurate confirmation of these reports. However, the salary rising for those engineers in first year of working may be not the same. As some of them made achievements, used his skills, and others not, Where achievements and skills are for sure gained somehow by means of schools, and so again we can determine the Top computer engineering schools by their quality level of education programs. These levels will impact the return on investment, not only on the first year of working but on the future 30 years of work, where the rise of salaries varies and different between engineer’s skills appear.


Most Top Computer Engineering Schools Sorted by Salaries upon Graduation.

There is not any accurate data, which tell us salaries of computer engineers for fresh graduates, with relationship to their presence in certain computer engineer school, where all of these reports depends on questionnaire, of fresh graduates and their salaries requests. However as there isn’t any methodology to confirm salaries of fresh graduates with employers, there are some reports that has the same results when regarding the most top computer engineering schools, where at least we may find that the first 10 of these schools nearly the same. The following table illustrates the top computer engineering schools that are the same in most of reports like in Nerd wallet/scholar report & NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) report.

Name of top computer engineering schools 1st annual salary
1 Carnegie Mellon UniversitySchool of Computer Science

Pittsburgh, Pa.

2 California Institute of TechnologyPasadena, Calif. $83,750
3 Stanford University
Stanford, Calif.
4 Harvey Mudd College
Claremont, Calif.
5 University of Pennsylvania
School of Engineering & Applied Science
Philadelphia, Pa
6 Texas A&M University — College Station
College of Engineering
College Station, Tex.
7 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Mass.
8 Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Institute of Technology (College of Engineering)
Pittsburgh, Pa.
9 Georgia Institute of Technology
College of Engineering
Atlanta, Ga.
10 Cornell University
College of Engineering
Ithaca, NY.


Positioning of Top Computer Engineering Schools


Top Computer Engineering Schools Sorted by Program Quality.

Top Computer Engineering Schools focuses in their programs on most wanted skills and knowledge in the field of computer engineer, to ensure the compatibility with local and international market needs.

Top Computer Engineering Schools could be sort according to their level of program quality, this level will affect at the end the return on investment, which will be here, measured in total of 30 years. The next top computer engineering schools ranked sorted by their programs level of quality in which it has the most value of return on investment according to reports released by the Academic Ranking of World Universities for the programs quality and other report released by Payscale.

Name of top computer engineering schools 30 Year Average Net ROI
1 California Institute of Technology: Pasadena, California $1.99 Million
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Cambridge, Massachusetts $1.6 Million
3 Stanford University: Stanford, California $1.43 Million
4 Georgia Institute of Technology: Atlanta, Georgia $1.39 Million
5 Harvard University: Cambridge, Massachusetts $1.33 Million
6 Princeton University: Princeton, New Jersey $1.23 Million
7 Carnegie Mellon University: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania $1.22 Million
8 University of California-Berkeley: Berkeley, California $1.18 Million
9 Columbia University: New York City, New York $1.18 Million
10 Cornell University: Ithaca, New York $1.12 Million