How Much Do Computer Engineers Make Per Year ?

How Much Do Computer Engineers Make & Salary Earn By Computer Engineers:

The job of computer engineers is to develop new and advanced software for common and professional uses, design more capable operating systems and make computer hardware that can serve in a much better way than earlier hardware. Computer engineers also design various computer applications and games that entertained people around the globe. So basically, computer engineers have a vast range of work which is rapidly gaining value due to advancement of technology.


How Much Do Computer Engineers Make Per Year

How Much Do Computer Engineers Make per year?

According to the reports on various analysis sites, the average salary of computer engineers per year is about $89,000 in United States. The highest salary received by professional and experienced computer engineers in USA is estimated to be $150,130. However, the lowest salary received by freshly graduated computer engineers is nearly $63,970.

According to college salary report 2014-15 by PayScale, computer engineering ranks 8thamong other engineering fields. This report says that the computer engineers are earning $67,300 in initial days of their career and most of them are making about $108,600 in the mid of their career.

Another report reveals how much do computer engineers make after getting a master’s degree. It shows that the master degree holders in computer engineering are earning $71,140 as their starting salary in 2015.


Salary Differences Among Regions Of USA:

To find out how much do computer engineers make in different regions of USA, the results of some analyses are mentioned here. The region which is paying the highest salary to its computer engineer employees is the California. Thus, the computer engineers are easily earning $114,560 average in the state of California. On the other hand, the regions which are included in the list of lowest payers are Idaho and Oklahoma. The computer engineers are getting an average $74,400 payment in Idaho and an average $74,870 in Oklahoma. Besides these regions, the salary difference also exists in other regions and states of USA. These varied salaries should be considered by computer engineers before applying for job in particular region.

How Much Do Computer Engineers Make Per Year

Factors That Have Great Impact On Salary:

How much do computer engineers make depends hugely on the given factors:

  • Whether the candidate is a fresh graduate or an experienced engineer affects greatly on the salary. The more experienced an engineer will become, the more income he/she will obtain.
  • The performance at job is also an important factor in determining the salary an engineer deserves.
  • The company at which an engineer is working matters a lot in the salary. Big brands like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Intel etc. pay more than other common companies.