Google In Light: A Google Software Engineer Salary Survey

Google In Light: A Google Software Engineer Salary Survey

Google Software Engineer Salary raises with increase in Demand for Software Engineers

Life as a software engineer keeps getting better and better as software engineering companies compete for talented and expert software engineers. The salaries of Software Engineers are hence on the rise and to add on there are wide opportunities of competitive and flourishing job markets in cities across US. Other industries are observed to struggle in enhancing their systems and companies technologically which signifies the commencement for high competition for hiring the top IT workers and software engineers.

Google Software Engineer Salary

A Typical Google software engineer salary

Once, a student acquires a software engineering degree they start scrutinizing companies and their salaries. A minimum of bachelor degree with no experience will get you a job with a really good pay. With experience and passage of time you get promotions and increase in your salary. Now, the question comes that which company should you choose? Google is a good choice for you as it Google software engineer salary is pretty much high.

Google is one of the top companies which pay generously to software engineers. The typical Google Software Engineer Salary ranges from $86.785 to $227,649. This makes an average Google Software Engineer Salary of $127,774. The Google Software Engineer Salary estimates are made base on 4,736 salary estimates reported anonymously to Glassdoor by Google Software Engineer employees.

Google Software Engineer Salary

A new survey by glassdoor, released Thursday 2013, lists the top 25 companies that have paid highest to their software engineers. Google stands on fourth place. Hence, Google Software Engineer Salary stands on NO.4 in highest payments to its software engineers in comparison to other companies.

The Google Software Engineer Salary starts with a base salary of $128,366 which is pretty much high. The results of 2013 survey for Google Software Engineer Salary have been mentioned. The salaries in general for software engineers are quite a bit higher than the pay reported by Glassdoor last year. In 2012, Google earned the top spot with Google Software Engineer Salary of $128,336. This actually makes Google Software Engineer Salary $1,193 more than the salary in 2013. So, actually there is a reduction in the salaries of Google Software Engineer Salary in 2013.

Google software engineer salary is higher than average

However, this does not imply that a profession as a software engineer is not a viable option or the salaries are going to go down further. People may observe that some of the heavy hitters aren’t reaching the top of the list of 25 highest paying companies to software engineers; it is essential to note that all of the companies in the top 25 pay above the national annual average, which is $92,790.

Glassdoor’s survey is based on companies that had at least 50 software engineer salary reports filed over the last 12 months. In all, more than 33,000 salary reports were turned into Glassdoor this year. In the article, highlights about Google software engineers were thoroughly discussed and reported.