Google Software Engineer Salary 2015

Google Software Engineer Salary 2015

There are no companies known to treat their employees well as the tech companies. The maintain such a high reputation on this regard especially with their engineering employees. It is no doubt that engineering in itself is a tough field thus this extra credit accorded to the engineers is well deserved and highly earned. It is not easy to get engineers as the talent happens to be scarce. It is for that reason that companies are more than willing to pay the available engineers a hefty sum of money to keep them happy and in their companies. Google software engineers are no exception to this fact. The google software engineer salary is hefty enough to leave the medics and lawyers agape at the figures. The six figure salary happens to be many working class individuals dream but it happens to be a reality for software engineers. Yet all they do is make computer softwares work.

google software engineer salary

Average Google Software Engineer Salary

Google software engineer salary is a figure of great distinction. The average salary would be one that is expected to be not so shocking to the layman. However, this shall be an exception. The average salary that the google software engineer earns amounts to a total of $127,671 and that is just on average. It leaves a lot to wonder how much the actual salary of a google software engineer would be if this is just on average. This is just the basic salary average without the additional bonuses such as cash and stock bonus amongst other benefits.

Google Software Engineer salary Minimum and Maximum

The google software engineer salary is definitely a great discussion. If the average salary was shocking the minimum and maximum salery are bound to make you sweat. The minimum salary a google software engineer can earn is approximately $87,000 while the maximum amount is approximately $228,000 . These figures are not inclusive of any bonuses that the engineers are entitled to with google. It is no suprise therefore why companies really spend a lot to keep these engineers with them: due to their scarcity. The more they are paid the loyal these engineers stick to your company.

Google Software Engineer salary Benefits

These google software engineer salary enjoy an array of benefits with their salaries. Among these benefits include: free lunch or snacks,maternity or partenity leaves where they are still paid even when away and great health insurance cover by google such that they do not pay for the cover themselves. In short all these benefits do not touch their salaries but are catered for by Google itself.

It sure must be great to be a google software engineer.