Factors which influence computer information systems salary

Factors which influence computer information systems salary

The advances in computer technology is based on the computer and information system engineers who work in different industries. The bachelor of computer information systems is an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree which is same like the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, but it focuses on the practical applications of technology to support organizations which adds value to the offerings. To apply technology effectively, a broad range of subjects are covered like communications, networking, business, math, software design etc. A degree in computer information systems is one of the most borad IT qualifications and therefore it can be useful when it is applied to different IT companies of various sectors.

Education which effects computer information systems salary

to become a information systems engineer computer hardware engineers must have a minimum of bachelor’s degree to enter the profession and get a good computer information systems salary. For more advanced jobs higher level of education is necessary which might be a master’s degree or sometime PhD. Some computer information systems programmers receive accreditation form ABET, who is a U.S accreditor of college and university programs in engineering and technology. If an engineer has credits from ABET, there are better chances of improvement in computer information systems salary

The course of instruction in systems engineering will last for 3 years and some universities will leave the candidate the choice of taking a year in industry and so the student takes 4 1/2 years for completion of course.


computer information systems salary


Experience influences computer information systems salary

All the 50 states in USA require a license for any professionals who is offering services directly to the public. Voluntary certification from computer firms or from professional societies will improve the prospect of computer information systems salary. The engineers with good qualification will get a computer information systems salary of $98,820 annually and with a range of $60.690 to $148,910. The hourly rates of these engineers are $47.51 with a range of $29.18 to $71.59.

Experience of the engineer plays a good role in deciding the salary of the computer information systems engineers too. New employees receive $49,534 to $70,791 while those with 4 years of experience receive $50,441 to $71,438 annually. For those with 5 to 9 years of experience it is $64,735 to $98,397 and for people with more than 20 years of experience it ranges from $72,208 to $131,608.

Industries and location influences computer information systems salary

The industry which depends on computer hardware engineers for creating its products hires computer information systems engineers with a computer information systems salary of $48.30 or $100,460 and is better than the median. The industries which pay the best pay are the lessors of non-financial intangible assets which pay $60.67 to $126,200. The location of the job too influences the computer information systems salary. Colorado is the best state with high employment opportunities and a salary of $52.15 per hour or $108,480 per year. The state with the best pay is the District of Columbia which pays at $56.09 per hour or $116,660 per year.