Engineering is an art of applying science and mathematics for designing, producing and creating great many constructions or innovative products or systems. Thus, engineering becomes a vast field that is categorized into various other disciplines. One of them is Electrical engineering, which is the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.

Electrical Engineering Salary – EDUCATION AND SKILLS:

Most of the electrical engineering positions require a bachelor’s degree from a reputed and recognized college or university with good GPAs. A few years of experience or a higher degree makes a person more likely to get the best jobs with good electrical engineering salary. Sometimes these engineers are required to travel or to work overtime. Typically, electrical engineering is a mental work but physical effort may also need rarely. The expertise that are required to get high electrical engineering salary includes technically sound, ability of multitasking, able to work under pressure and in team-oriented environment. Good communication skills help in coordinating with seniors and colleagues. These skills enable one to earn high electrical engineering salary.


Electrical Engineers are required to work with three Es that is Energy, Economy and Ecology. They need to generate energy and provide power with minimum cost that influences the environment very little. Their job is to build, design and maintain electrical systems, test and check the electrical equipments, oversee and direct the manufacturing and installation of electrical components with sustainability, quality, reliability and the most important, with human and machine safety. Their jobs and skills are the main grounds on which electrical engineering salary depends on.

A practice engineer must have a professional certification. Professional membership plays an important role not only in getting better jobs and best electrical engineering salary but also in the further advancement of the present job. The pertinent memberships like the memberships of IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) are very significant for career growth and help to get high electrical engineering salary. These memberships help an electrical engineer to stay up to date about changes in technology, facilitate and provide a platform to establish contacts and network with the professionals of Electrical engineering discipline and professionals in other fields, provide a chance to participate in national meetings and also to attend international conferences online.



Electrical engineers are required in every country. Electrical engineering salary may vary from country to country based on job requirements. Electrical engineering salary may also depend on a number of factors including location, size and nature of the organization. A person’s year of experience and level of education also influences his salary.

The Electrical engineering salary is ranged around $34,069- $42,586, experienced engineers can get salaries up to $47,696- $68,138 while chartered electrical engineers can receive salaries between $68,138 and $93,689 or above.

According to a government survey of 2011, the District of Columbia was the top most district for electrical engineering salary than any other state. The 530 electrical engineers who were employed in D.C. received an average monthly pay of $8,718 that is the highest of any state while the electrical engineers of California received an average monthly income of $8,597.

To sum up, Electrical engineering is one of the largest fields of engineering, provides great chances of career development.