Electrical Engineering is one of the various branches of Engineering that is an amalgamation of other fields of engineering and offers high electrical engineering salary. The Electrical engineers are mainly engaged in transmission, generation and distribution of electrical power, designing of electrical circuits, electronics, instrumentation, control systems, and work with electrical networks etc.


Electrical engineers usually work with multi-disciplinary project that involve different range of electrical engineering salary. Their work includes professionals of various fields such as architects, technicians, sales representatives, manufacturer, marketing managers and customer care staff and client representatives and are involved in may be one or every stage of design and development.

Electrical engineers must have the ability to apply principles of electrical theory to engineering projects and problems. They should have computer aided design (CAD) skills in order to inspect completed projects to match their performance with standards. They must have problem solving and time management skills. These skills will be helpful in getting the best of electrical engineering salary.

The post and job may vary from company to company that affects electrical engineering salary however; there are some common jobs and tasks that are:

  • Identification of customer requirement
  • Concept development
  • Design and model new products and systems
  • Improvement of electrical instruments and equipment
  • Redesign previously installed systems
  • Research optimum solutions
  • Supervise and train project staff
  • Site visit
  • System testing
  • Examine, evaluate and interpret test results
  • Modification in products
  • Quality analysis
  • Monitoring and maintenance of equipments
  • Product documentation, report and presentations


The Electrical Engineering salary is approximately $10,000 per month while the top 10 percent of electrical engineering salary is of $10,972 per month or above as analyzed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Consequently, annual full-time salary of those engineers becomes a total of $131,660 and they hourly get an income of $63.30. According to ElectricalEngineerSalary.com, the engineers who have the experience of at least 10 years are able to earn in the range of $11,000 per month or more. Hence, through evaluation, the bureau survey shows that 154,250 electrical engineers in 2011 received $7,433 all over the country.

Factors Affecting Electrical Engineering Salary:

Many factors influence the electrical engineering salary. Several of them are:

  • Nature of industry
  • Education of a person
  • Experience in the field
  • Responsibilities
  • Working hours
  • Professional certification

An electrical engineer who works with added responsibilities and duties, stay long hours and able to travel more, be likely to get the highest of electrical engineering salary, as studied by ElectricalEngineeringSalaries.com. Moreover, Master’s degree in the fields helps in getting the top-paying jobs. An electrical engineer with an appropriate degree and a professional membership catch up the attention of employers towards him. Computer programming skills are also a bonus for electrical engineers as they can be hired as IT engineers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, every month electrical engineering salary of one with a master’s degree is $900 more than one with a bachelor’s degree.