Diversity in Computer Software Engineer Salary

Diversity in Computer Software Engineer Salary

Computer Software Engineer Salary

Computer Software engineers who are also called software developers, design the programs that will function in the computer. Computer software engineering salary changes depending on location, company, category of engineering, experience and of course employer.

Average Computer Software Engineer Salary

Average Salary of Software Engineer is $95,000. The Labor Department reports that software developers made a median salary of $92,660 in 2013. The highest-paid 10 percent in the profession earned $143,540 in 2013, while the lowest-paid earned $55,770.

 Computer Software Engineer Salary

Computer Software Engineer Salary of System Software Engineers:

Systems software engineers design the operating systems, interface systems and data requirements that allow computers to properly function. BLS tells us computer software engineer salary. The report is for systems software engineers in 2012:

  • System software engineers brought home an average hourly wage of $49.30,
  • System software engineers make an average annual salary of $102,550,
  • Half of all systems software engineers working in the United States earned between $37.95 and $59.40 per hour, with the highest-paid 10 percent earning $71.56 or more per hour,
  • Geographically, average hourly earnings ranged from a low of $31.57 in North Dakota to a high of $55.50 in California.

Computer Software Engineer Salary

Computer software engineer salary of Software applications developers:

Applications developers are software engineers who design games, apps and other programs. In accordance with the BLS report (2012), they tended to earn slightly less than hardware and systems software engineers:

  • Software application developers earn an average of $44.85 an hour and $93,280 a year,
  • The highest average pay by industry was reported by securities and exchange brokerages, which paid software applications developers, an average of $51.59 an hour,
  • North Dakota reported the lowest average wage by state for this occupation, which is $31.87 an hour, while California reported the highest, which is $50.54.


Range of Computer Software Engineer Salary in different companies

Google computer engineers make the highest salary ($139,000), followed by Facebook ($138,500), Zynga ($130,000), Apple ($116,000) and Cisco Systems ($113,000). Qualcomm computer engineers are the lowest among the list of companies ($88500).


Software Engineer Average Salary $94,000
Amazon $104,000
Apple $117,000
FaceBook $135,000
Google $140,000
Cisco Systems $114,000
Ebay $115,000


Computer Software Engineer salary across the cities

San Francisco companies pay the highest salary for software engineer ($116,000), the runner-up is New York City ($114,000) then Seattle ($104,000), Washington ($103,000). Computer companies in Minneapolis pay the lowest salary for their software engineer ($80,000). The computer systems design industry and software publishers employ the highest number of software engineers, but the highest-paid positions are spread across the country, with San Jose, California; Sioux City, Iowa; and Panama City, Florida leading the list.

Computer Software Engineer Salary in comparison with different jobs

A software developer’s average salary, $97,260, is higher than most other occupations. For instance, a software developer made thousands more than computer systems analysts, who made an average salary of $95,320 in 2013, and computer programmers, who made about $80,930. However, software developers made about $36,310 less than IT managers, who brought home an average salary of $232,579 in 2013.  Computer Software Engineer Salary is 111% higher than the average salary in the United States. Software Engineering is the best job of 2012 and is the fastest-growing job. We have a great work environment and less stress for employee with many options and good salary.


Software QA Engineer $89,000
Software Engineer Average Salary $96,000
Systems Software Engineer $91,000
Applications Software Engineer $90,000