Information about Computer Programmer Salary

Information about Computer Programmer Salary

Computer programming is all about using variety of programming languages to formulate a code for the design created by an Engineer. A programmer writes a code, which is a set of instruction that produces a result in terms of Software or a Program. Programmer’s Job is a white-collar job with many other facilities. When it comes to the annual pay, the programmer does not leave anywhere behind an engineer.

Computer Programmer Salary: Facts & Figure

According to 2012 statistics of US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean computer programmer salary is $74,280 per annum & $35.71 per hour. The striking hourly wage makes computer programming as the best part-time job for students & professionals. US BLS reports the lowest 10% computer programmer salary of about $42,850 per year & the highest 10% salary of $117,890 annually. The number of employments in this growing field is likely to increase 8% from 2012 to 2022. The top-rated jobs & salary website reports the mean 2014 computer programmer salary of $66,000 per year. A person having creativity & programming intelligence can earn the highest computer programmer salary without facing any obstacles & hurdles.

Ups & Downs of Computer Programmer Salary:

Every profession faces ups & downs and so does the computer programming do. The factors behind the ups & downs can be the market demand, industry demand, city or country demand, employer needs etc. Computer programmer salary is rarely affected by market demand because programming is something that cannot be lived without and is a need of every market. The city & country are the major factors on which the computer programmer salary depends. Computer programmers are highly paid in Metropolitan areas of Bethesda (Maryland), Santa Fe (New Mexico), Anniston (Alabama), Durham (North Carolina) etc. A computer programmer in Santa Fe makes an average annual earning of $120,050 and $114,020 in Bethesda. Similarly, in other metropolitan areas annual computer programmer salary is above $100,000. Computer programming is something that can be done from home as a freelance job and this is the reason many Western & US companies hire people from developing countries at low wages. This trend has limited the growth of programming in West & in US. This trend has also caused a downfall in computer programmer salary.Information about Computer Programmer Salary

How To Become A Programmer & Achieve Computer Programmer Salary:

Usually computer programmers are Bachelors of Computer Science & some have associate degrees. Many programmers have specialization in few languages and it is obvious because no one can learn all the programming languages available. Therefore, the first step towards computer programmer salary should be a bachelor’s degree in computer science or any other related field. Once Bachelors degree is achieved then a programmer can do short courses related to his area of working in order to complement his skills. Companies give more preference to the programmers having Internship Experience in related field of programming. Therefore, internships also play a vital role in the way of handsome computer programmer salary. Some companies hire certified programmers having certification in company’s product. Licenses & certifications are also the factors that affect computer programmer salary.