Computer Programmer Salary, Part 2

Computer Programmer Salary, Part 2

The Uniqueness of the Computer Programmer Salary

Programmers are creative and technical at the same time. They make the gadgets usable so it won’t be wrong to call them the creator of the gadgets. The programs which are the set of rules and instructions followed by a machine to carry out a task, need the a lot of creativity and technical skill to do, the technical skill obviously matters, but the problems and the challenges faced requires a lot of creativity to solve or to carry out the challenge given. All the program is made by the and most of the workload is on their shoulders, so the question arises for those who are interested in being a programmer or at the end of their degree and wanting to know about the work environments what is Computer programmer salary and condition in the office?


Team and environment where they have to work

Computer programmer has to work in a team which comprises of many types of managers and supervisors who work on different levels beside directly in the making of the programs. None of them have to meet the deadlines in accomplishing a challenge or work, but still they have more salary than computer programmer’s salary.


Computer programmers salary, averaged on $80,930 p.a. in 2013, which is less than the salary of other team members who work with the programmers on a specific project. The condition of computer programmer salary is like the salary of a labor working on construction a site doing all the work but still getting paid less than the supervisor who do nothing, not its the problem with the computer programmers salary but also in all the field but as the work is load is compared with other fields jobs, its way more and the pay is very less. The above picture explains the condition of a computer programmer.

Computer Programmer Salary, Part 2

The work is mostly done alone by a programmer, not in a group of programmers and the computer programmers salary is still very low, and not up to the mark as compared with other fields and the members of the same project. The computers programmers’ salary when taken in the ration with the work load also alienates people to take up the profession. Many small organizations also stop or cut the computer programmers salary if they are not able to deliver the project or the work in time. So the question arises what is the driving force behind the people who work in this profession if they are not paid on time or mostly a computer programmer’s salary is cut, as they are blamed for every problem.


The Driving force for Computer Programmers Salary


In a survey it was noticed that a programmer is not tempted by the salary paid, a Computer programmer salary is not what drives a person in the skin of a computer programmer. It’s the challenge and mostly computer programmers enjoy programming as it mostly stated by computer programmers its thrilling to program. Many programs or services made by them are given away for free so everybody can use it such as Linux, a kernel on which an Android phone runs; most of the servers use it. So when things are given away for free where does the reason of a computer programmers salary comes into play, so it can be understood that mostly a computer programmer runs by intellect and not the money paid to them. So a computer programmer salary is not a hurdle for the people who love challenges and programming.