Computer Programmer Salary – Creators of virtual intelligence

Computer Programmer Salary – Creators of virtual intelligence


Computer programming has been increasingly popular all around the world, and it is currently one of the well-paid jobs among the young generation of computer sciences graduates. The computer programmer salary is beyond satisfactory and highly acknowledged, which is why more and more people choose to intensively study the art of development and software engineering.

The average Computer programmer salary worldwide

A computer programmer generally has one very important task: to increase efficiency. After years of intense computer studies, increased mathematical skills and the ability to properly use the programming language, the computer programmer salary must be in conformity with the work involved. In U.S, for example, the average pay is$ 4,141 net income, for about 40 hours of work per week. In United Kingdom, the average computer programmer salary is $ 3,476, while in countries like Romania, Slovakia or Mexico the net income is lower, from $ 646 to $ 886 for 40-50 hours per week.

A well-paid job Computer Programmer Salary

Even though it is said to be a rather easy job and highly accessible to anyone who owns a computer, the computer programmer salary is higher than many other jobs can offer. In order to be a successful programmer, one requires sufficient exposure to technology and a particular interest in software development. Moreover, advancing in this field needs hundreds of hours of work, interest and dedication. That is why the job is so well paid and the computer programmer salary is different from other types of jobs, because it is not a matter of accessibility, but of above-average effort.

 Computer Programmers


Many people consider that computer programmers are over-paid

Some might think programming is easy once you get to know all the processes, therefore the computer programmer salary higher than the actual value of the job. More than half of the schools in most countries teach computer science, from entry-level information to more complicated practice. Also, almost everyone can easily have access to the Internet, so why is the computer programmer salary so rewarding? Any job can be done by anyone with an average education and a medium income, but for some work places, this only applies for entry-level performances. True dedication and the ability to overwork and develop one’s skills make the key to being a successful programmer, which is not easily accomplished. The computer programmer salary mirrors the importance and the quality of the job and even though many think programmers are overpaid, not all of us can perform similar tasks.

In conclusion, software developers are reaching interesting numbers when it comes to the average computer programmer salary. Although in some countries (e.g. Romania, Portugal) the pay is not as extraordinary as it is in USA or Australia, the European standards in this matter are continuously growing. Not anyone can be a computer programmer, but most definitely, if one works hard enough, computer development skills can be increased in order to achieve a successful approach with a view to studying, practicing and creating a virtual program.