Computer Information Systems Salary

Information systems security engineers are also called as information security analysts, they help businesses safeguard sensitive data which includes client data, trade secrets and the financial information from hackers. The information systems security engineers belong to an evolving profession as hackers and cyber attackers constantly come up with new ways to infiltrate the protected databases.

Job requirements which determine computer information systems salary?

Education and experience are 2 of the most valuable requirements for a systems security engineer to determine the computer information systems salary. The bachelor’s degree is a minimum in computer science, software engineering , systems engineering, information systems or related degrees. These engineers need IT security certification such as CISSP. With 5-10 years f experience there is more scope of computer information systems salary.


Computer Information Systems Salary

Skills of the systems engineer which determines computer information systems salary

Information systems security engineers with a minimum of 5 years of experience can be expected to be holding a good position in the firm and get good computer information systems salary where they working as systems security in charge. In addition to the experience there are certain set of skills which these engineers must possess if they are expecting a good computer system information salary. These set of skills include IT support which is the key skill they have to posses and other skills include:

Computer skills- Unix/Windows, SPAM control, Microsoft Office Suite, Security Systems infrastructure.

Technical skills- SQL, LAN, Cisco, Laptop and email encryption

Additional skills- ability to identify cyber attacks, phishing attempts, detecting computer viruses, audit functions, security compliance etc.

Other factors to become a computer Information Systems Security Engineer and get a good computer information systems salary

Employers prefer candidate with at least a bachelor’s degree in information systems, information technology, computer programming, applied math, engineering or a computer related field. But to become a information systems security engineer and earn a good computer information systems salary then the engineer has to consider program which deals specifically with information systems security. A master’s degree in computer security will be good and these programs may be online or in the class room which is related to the information systems. Students will learn about researching, designing and maintaining security systems.

Employers prefer to hire applicants and give a good computer information systems salary who have adequate work experience, training and certification credentials. Experience can be gained by joining the firm at entry level position and under the supervision of a senior engineer. Then they can learn about risk management, testing programs associated with information systems.

Systems security engineers can continue to grow in the field by pursuing continuing education which is important in the field to get success and get promoted to higher positions in the firm they are working. Continuing education will help them stay up to date with the technologies to fight the hackers and cyber attackers constantly come up with new ways to infiltrate the protected databases.



Professionals who are new in the field have to consider joining networking organizations for up to date info about the security industry, published articles on systems security and job openings in the field.