Computer Hardware Engineer Salary – Job Market

Computer Hardware Engineer Salary – Job Market

In today’s world, we observe the use of technology in almost every field, as the world is advancing it is becoming more and more technologically handicapped. Computer hardware engineers are becoming an asset to the world, they work behind the scenes, from designing more powerful processors to more advanced storage devices. However, the computer hardware engineer salary growth is very limited, especially in countries like Pakistan, due to limited resources. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in the year 2011, average computer hardware engineer salary was about $99,000.

Computer Hardware Engineer Salary – Overall Trend

The overall growth of a computer hardware engineer salary is limited, and is lower than the average growth of all other jobs. This is not just because of the limited resources but mostly innovations takes place in the software and not in the hardware.

To be a Computer hardware engineer the basic requirement is a bachelor’s degree from an accredited program. On an average, top ten percent of computer hardware engineer salary is such that they earn about $148,000 or more per year. In 2013, California had highest numbers of computer hardware engineers, and BLS has reported that the annual computer hardware engineer salary was estimated to $104,250 in May 2013. But engineers in Wisconsin are reported to have earned the most in the year 2013.One of the major pro of this field is that, median Computer hardware engineer salary is high, about $99,000, on the other hand one of the major con of this field is the limited job growth. Computer Hardware Engineer Salary

Computer Hardware Engineer Salary for Fresh Graduates

To be a computer hardware engineer one needs a strong background of mathematics and science, but to get a good job additional courses other than just bachelor’s degree will prove very helpful. Moreover, the ability to work as a team, good communication skills, imagination and critical thinking skills are going to prove very helpful.

In the UK, average Computer Hardware engineer salary with no experience on an average is $100,920 per year and that can be estimated as $48.52 per hour.

Computer Hardware Engineer Salary – Possible Careers

Computer hardware engineering is an extremely vast field. A computer hardware engineer’s expertise lies within the physical parts. Basic job of a hardware engineer is resolving issues, and to solve the clients’ computer issues in the best and most accurate manner. Their job is to update computers to make new designs, and speed up the processors to give greater efficiency.Computer Hardware Engineer

The basic job of a computer engineer is make advances in the computer, they use their problem solving skills to make modifications in the current systems to make them work faster, and through reasoning they design new motherboards and chips, data storage devices and much more. Using these analyzing skills, they observe the problems and make economical projects for customers.

Computer hardware engineer salary involved in different industries is as follow:

  • Computer Hardware engineer salary involved in system designs and other services is $101,510
  • Computer hardware engineer salary working in scientific research and other development services is $95,710
  • Involved in Computer related manufacturing is $109,860