Endless Opportunities – Computer Hardware Engineer Salary

Endless Opportunities – Computer Hardware Engineer Salary


We often hear people boosting about the future opportunities of computer software engineers. But, one cannot possibly neglect the importance which hardware caries. Without hardware, computers cannot function at all. So, computer hardware engineers also have due significance when it comes to market the demand of engineers around the globe. Because of this fact, computer hardware engineering salary is more or less the same as judged against the software engineers.

Computer Hardware Engineer Salary – Career Overview:

The rapid improvements seen in computer technology are largely due to the work of computer hardware engineers. Computer hardware Engineers focus on the design, development and application of computer hardware and peripheral devices such as monitors, printers and keyboards. They are very similar to electronic engineers but instead of working with a number of devices attached to computer, they concentrate in the design, development as well as application of computing devices.

A computer hardware engineer could:

  • Build up portable storage devices to swiftly transfer large amounts of data from one computer to another.
  • Develop a color printer that creates photograph-quality prints.
  • Make fast video graphics card to improve the look of video games.

All the above-mentioned tasks that a computer hardware engineer can perform make them worthy of high computer hardware engineering salary. A computer hardware engineer usually works indoors in a typical office or laboratory and has a traditional 40-hour workweek.


Computer Hardware Engineer Salary

Computer Hardware Engineer Salary – Distribution of Hardware Engineers:

The number of computer hardware engineers is comparatively small compared with the number of other computer related professionals who work with software or computer applications. Computer Hardware engineers occupy about 67,400 jobs (when separated out from electrical engineers). About 28% of them work in the computer and IT services. However, 1 out of 9 works in the computer and manufacturing of office equipment, but many are also employed in communications industries. Less than 1% of hardware engineers are in private consulting. Computer Hardware engineer starting salary for a BS – Computer Engineering or BS – Electrical Engineering graduate can be extensively higher than the salary of BS / BA graduates in many other non-technical fields.

Starting offers for computer hardware engineer salary who are BSCE graduates average $61,270 per year; MSCE graduates have a regular starting salary of $70,850; and PhDs have an average starting salary of $89,440.

Computer Hardware engineer salary range for the middle 50% is between $58,910 and $100,820. Hardware engineer salaries for the lowest 10% are less than $48,530. Hardware engineer salaries for the highest 10% are more than $123,480. Median annual computer hardware engineer salary in the industries employing the largest numbers is:

  • Computer and office equipment: $84,330
  • Computer and IT services: $79,940
  • Electronic components and accessories: $75,180
  • Telecommunications: $72,790

Computer Hardware Engineer Salary – Outlook:

Computer Hardware Engineer Salary is 126% higher than the average salary of Americans. Hardware Engineering is one of the most paid jobs in the United States. There are very particular job titles with various ranges in the salary. Computer Hardware engineer job opportunities are expected to increase in 2015. Their employment is predictable to rise faster than the average for all occupations through 2015

Hardware engineer job opportunities should grow (at about 1.7%/yr) as businesses need assistance in managing, upgrading, and customizing complex hardware systems and networks. Hardware engineer’s demand will be increase because of the growth in embedded systems.


Computer Hardware Engineer Salary