Computer Hardware Engineer Functions

Simply put, a computer engineer is the one who designs, develops and test new computer hardware components. A computer engineer deals with common computer hardware components and peripherals including; routers, circuit boards, Central processing units (CPUs), processors, video graphics, modems, printers, memory devices and chips. A hardware engineer also performs numerous computer upgrades, such as memory expansion, partition, computer repairs and evaluations. A computer engineer may work as a private business owner, or for organizations, he also works in conjunction with other computer experts in assembling, updating software and hardware components.

Functions of a computer hardware engineer

  • A computer hardware engineer basically designs new computer hardware and components; he also creates new blueprints for new computer components and accessories to be designed.
  • perform tests on newly completed computer models and hardware designs,
  • perform analysis on computer hardware test results, and modify all necessary designs as needed.
  • Perform updates on new and existing computer components to ensure they are compatible with new software.
  • oversee the design and manufacturing process for all computer hardware components.

How does a computer hardware engineer perform his duties?

Most computer engineers work in computer labs and workshops; they analyze complex machines in order to ascertain the best possible ways of improvements. Hardware engineers also create and design new types of Information technology devices, through the use of logic and reasonings to clarify hardware problems and provide the best possible solutions. A computer hardware engineer normally work within a team of other computer experts, therefore communication skills is important. Computer engineers work with software developers just to ensure that old computer hardwares are compatible with newly released softwares. Computer engineers also work with mobile app developers and advise them on the type of software a cell phone can effectively run.

How does a computer hardware engineer perform his duties

How does the typical workplace of a computer hardware engineer look like?

In most cases, you will likely find a computer hardware engineer in a computer research laboratory. , therefore he is constantly building and testing various computer models. Surveys has shown that most computer engineers work in high-tech manufacturing firms, computer systems design firms, IT manufacturing firms, research and development firms. Few hardware engineers are found in government establishments. More than 90% of computer engineers are found in larger metropolitan cities.


Computer hardware engineer salary

According to recent surveys, the average salary of a computer hardware engineer is at least 110% higher than the National average salaries. Computer hardware engineering remains one of the best paying jobs in the United States of America and many other countries of the world. The field is quite versatile and has been linked with many other fields such as electronics engineering, robotics, and many more. In 2014, the average computer hardware engineer salary was $102,480. While the average salary of a Data center computer engineer is $95,000, the average annual salary of a computer and Peripheral equipment manufacturer is $112,000 annually.

The highest paying organizations for computer hardware engineers are; Hewlett Packard, Samsung, Nokia, Dell, Toshiba, Intel, Cisco systems, Motorola, Apple, Sony Electronics and Microsoft. Apple remains the highest paying organization for computer hardware engineers, with annual salaries reaching $144,000 per annum. The city you work in can also determine how much you earn as a computer hardware engineer, San Jose in California is the highest paying cities in the United States of America and this is followed by Boulder and San Francisco.

 Computer hardware engineer salary