Computer Hardware Engineer – Before the ENIAC

Computer Hardware Engineer – Before the ENIAC

Computer technology has changed spectacularly over the past many years. Understanding computer, its hardware, and its software’s, is very important in today’s technologically advanced world. As the time is changing, Computer hardware engineers are becoming more and more useful. To enter this diverse field, one must have a solid knowledge of science and mathematics.

Computer hardware engineering is a discipline, which brings together different fields of electrical engineering and computer science that help computer hardware engineers to design, develop, and test computer equipments and make them more and more advanced. These equipments include chips, circuit boards and even routers. Computer hardware engineers analyze a complex equipment to determine the best way to improve it.

Computer Hardware Engineer -What Do They Do?

The main job of a computer hardware engineer is to design new type of information technology devices. They identify hardware problems, and make use of logical assumptions to identify the best possible solution to a problem and the most appropriate way to implement that solution. They use logical reasoning to identify the best solution among alternatives to deal with a problem. Computer hardware engineers work in teams to work out problems and to develop new and more advanced devices.

A computer hardware engineer could perform number of tasks, some of them are:

  • They can develop portable devices that can store data to be transferred from one computer to another. Every time computer hardware engineers try to come up with devices that can store more data.
  • Design CPUs for PCs to make the processing faster
  • Design advanced graphic cards to make the video quality better

Computer hardware engineer Salary

Like in every other profession, salary of a computer hardware engineer depends on the quality of education one have acquired, and that depends on the graduating institute as well as many other factors like grades. One major thing that decides the salary is the work experience. If you have more than 7 years’ experience, you will be paid more. If you work with “high-performance” and focus on quality, effectively; you can get higher salary. According to a recent survey, computer hardware engineering is one of the highest paying jobs in United States, with amazing employment opportunities throughout the world.

In order to make a lot of money and to get an outstanding work experience, the best companies to work for a computer hardware engineer are IBM, Sony and HP. On an average, the salary of a computer hardware engineer is $102,480.Computer hardware engineer Salary


Computer Hardware engineer– Possible Careers

In today’s world, it is impossible to find aspect of life in which computers are not involved. This has a direct impact on the job opportunities for acomputer hardware engineer as computers have become backbone of the infrastructure of modern civilization. A computer hardware engineer not only design different components of a computer but are capable of designing different computers, networks and other equipment’s that depends on computer chips and processors.

Some possible specializations within computer hardware engineering:

  • Embedded Systems
  • Engineers that deals with data, to compress and reassemble it in a better way during it transfer
  • Compilers and Operating Systems
  • Designing of communication systems and computer networks
  • Computer system architecture.
  • Integrated Circuits and VLSI Design