Computer Engineering Salary Statistics 2014

Computer engineering is a rapidly growing field today which is all due to advancement and increased use of computer technology worldwide. A computer engineer is a person who researches and designs computer and its components as well as different software that runs a computer. Computer engineer can also manage installation and administration of computer and its constituents. There are mainly two divisions of computer engineering: software engineering and hardware engineering. Both of these fields have their own worth and importance and the demand of both of them, is increasing remarkably in the industry.

Computer Engineering Salary Worldwide:

When we look for average computer engineering salary all around the world we find different figures like shows the average computer engineering salary in USA is $65,374 per annum and the maximum salary can reach up to $102,000 whereas the minimum salary is $44,000. Other countries like UK have average computer engineering salary£52,500per annum, according to a website named as The same website displays the maximum salary as £62,500 and minimum salary as £30,750. According to data on the computer engineering salary in Japan ranges from ¥4,200,000 to ¥43,400,000. All these figures shows that the salary of computer engineers differ a little bit all over the globe but everywhere they are getting excellent salaries each year.

Things That Influence Computer Engineering Salary:

The salary of computer engineers whether they are hardware engineers or software engineers is greatly influenced by various factors like education, country, city, experience & industry. Computer engineering salary for the engineers hired in hardware field ranges from $60,000 to $149,824 with an average of $102,480 per annum. Similarly the engineers employed at software side makes an average of $95,740/annum with minimum of $52,000 and maximum of $134,780 on yearly basis. Computer engineering salary greatly depends upon the location & the country. Computer engineers enjoy the best salary in United States but still it depends upon the city you are working in. Experience also plays a vital role to determine computer engineering salary, individuals with greater than 7 years experience enjoy the best of the salary. Similarly a master in engineering earns more than the bachelors in engineering. Another factor influencing Computer Engineering Salary is Performance. Engineers who work hard, show proficiency and professional attitude with productive results soon get promotion with a rise in salary.Computer Engineering Salary Statistics 2014

Cities, Fields, companies & Schools That Give A Way To Top Computer Engineering Salary:

Statistics show that the cities paying highest computer engineering salary include Massachusetts, North Carolina, San Jose-California, Colorado etc. Similarly another statistic report shows the ‘companies list’ that offer best computer engineering salary. These companies include Google, LinkedIn, Face book, Microsoft, Apple & undoubtedly Silicon Valley. Computer engineering salary also depends upon your field of work. The highest paid works include work of systems software engineer, android & java software engineer, computer systems design engineer, peripheral devices manufacturer etc. In order to reach the handsome computer engineering salary, one should opt for the best school. Some of the best computer engineering schools include: California institute of Technology, FAST (Pakistan), Stanford university, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.