What is a Computer Engineer Salary Per Hour?

Computer engineers can work in comfortable environments. Computer engineers develop software and hardware for computer systems. For employees to get a good per hour payments as computer engineers a minimum of bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or any other degree in related discipline will be preferred and if you have a master’s degree or higher degree then you will be offered a more advanced position in the company and a higher computer engineer salary. If you have certifications, which will enhance both your employment and pay from companies and national organizations you have worked with in the past then you will receive better pay and also your chances of being hired will be very high. Salaries of computer engineers and the pay per hour all depends on the type of engineering, employer and many other factors.

Computer Engineer Salary for Hardware Engineers

Hardware engineers will create, test and oversee the manufacture and installation of the computer hardware, like the circuit boards, computer systems and the peripherals. The median computer engineer salary is $47.51 per hours with a range between $29.18 to $71.59. the biggest employers in the field of computer engineering is the computer systems design and related services, with 14,920 jobs of the 65,410 available jobs. These big shot companies pay a mean computer engineer salary of $48.30 per hour.


Computer Engineer Salary

Computer Engineer Salary for Applications Software Engineers

Applications software engineers create and modify the application which makes computer hardware useful. These apps can range from database which manages customer info to word processors which are used to create any technical documents. The computer engineer salary for applications software engineers is a median of $42.06 per hour, and ranges from $26.36 to $63.50 per annul. The biggest employers of application software engineers were computer systems design and related services, with 35% of the 495,000 jobs available. These employers pay a mean computer engineer salary of $43.81 per hour.


Computer Engineer Salary for Systems Software

Systems software engineers create and test operating systems which enable the computers to run, compilers for developing programs, network distribution software for business and general computing applications. The median computer engineer salary for system software specialists is $44.94 per hour within a range of $28.65 and 467.28. The biggest employers of system software engineers are the computer systems design and related services, with 31% of the available 385,200 positions. The companies offer computer engineer salary of 445.74 per hour. The highest paying employers of systems software specialists are computer and peripheral equipment manufacturers, who pay $53.85 per hour.


The United States Bureau of Statistics predicts employment for hardware engineers to grow at a rate of 4%, which is slower than the average for other occupations. This causes a slower rate of growth rate in salaries, mainly because of strong competition from the foreign companies. Application engineers have a growth rate of 34% and it is 30% for systems software engineers. The expanding internet and data processing technologies are one of the main reasons which causes the faster than average growth rate in these two fields.

Computer Engineer Salary