Computer Engineer Salary – How Much Can You Make As A Computer Engineer

Having knowledge of computer engineer salary packages will help you ascertain which field of computer engineering will be more lucrative for you. As a computer engineer, you will likely consider working as an IT network administrator, Hardware engineer, or software engineer. A computer engineer’s salary may also be determined by a number of other factors, including working conditions, years of experience, college and university certificates and professional certifications obtained. An average computer engineer with a university degree plus IT or engineering certification will significantly earn more than an individual with just a college or university degree.

Generally, a computer engineer salary increment is based on years of work experience, and engineers who work for large firms often earn more in wages than those working for the government firms or smaller engineering companies. Computer engineers are highly paid worldwide and the demand for skilled engineers continue to rise in the last decade.

Computer engineer salary- salary ranges for professional computer engineers

As at the year 2014, the average computer engineer salary especially for software engineers is $95,740, while the minimum and maximum salaries could vary from $52,000 and $134780. Results have shown that Hardware computer engineers earn more than software engineers and their average salaries as at the year 2014 was $102,480, while minimum and maximum salaries could range between $60,000 and $149,824. An IT network infrastructure computer engineer will earn a minimum of $56,000 a year , and a maximum of $140,328 a year , with average salaries standing at $89,000 per annum. Generally, a typical computer engineer salary will increase as years of work experience of the individual increases , so also additional degrees and certifications will also determine how much an engineer earns.

Computer Engineer Salary – How Much Can You Make As A Computer Engineer


How demand for computer engineers affects computer engineer salary outlook

Surveys have shown that the average computer engineer salary is more than 50% higher than the average National salary in the United States of America. In addition to high salaries and wages, there has been a steady demand for computer engineers Nationwide in the last few hours, and that has created even more pressure on computer engineers to pursue higher college degrees, and more professional certifications. In the year 2013, the average salary for computer engineers was more than $88,000, and in the year 2014, new college graduates can earn between $56,000 and $72,000 depending on the organization they get hired into and the nature of the jobs they are hired to do.


Computer Engineer Salary – How Much Can You Make As A Computer Engineer

Computer engineer salary – factors that affect how much you can earn

The location – Larger cities normally provide higher computer engineer salary prospects than mid or small-size cities. Larger cities of the United States for instance has more job opportunities for computer engineers with higher salaries paid in cities such as ; San Francisco, New York and Washington DC . Demands for Computer engineers are high in larger cities;therefore, job competitions are also higher.

Work experience– Surveys has shown that individuals with 4 or more years of experience do get higher wages and salaries than those with less than 2 years of work experiences.

Computer engineering salary- Will you get higher salaries with more degrees?

As far as computer engineering salary arrangements are concerned,surveys has shown that most organizations value professional computer engineering certifications that traditional degrees. Employers such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Intel do prefer professional certifications ahead of traditional degrees when hiring or promoting their staffs.