Computer Engineer Salary and Other Benefits

Computer Engineer Salary and Other Benefits

Offering a large Computer engineer salary is not enough

Computer engineer salary is not the only asset that a computer engineer has to take care about, as he/she must ask about the work conditions & environment, company size, health insurance, and the distance between work & home. It’s clear that the computer engineer salary is the most important item in an offer package like in any other job, but the increasing need of hardware developing and the need of continuous studying and reading, in the field, leads computer engineer to realize the importance of the whole benefits of offer package. Computer engineer salary always depends upon the real needs of the core field in the market. And as the computer engineers always need to study a combination between the electric engineering and the computer science. The level of study and training for both of these fields determine with other factors the range of any computer engineer salary. So we can say that computer engineer salary is directly proportional with the level experience and time of training in electronic engineer, plus the well knowledge and study of computer science.

Computer engineer salary interview negotiation

“How much do you actually need as yearly salary?” said the interviewer. But what is actually supposed computer engineer to reply. First of all he/she must be aware about the international average range of computer engineer salary which is average $89,000 as to be able to easily determine an actual answer; also it must be clear that the employer almost has a prepared offer in mind that he/she will present it to you after you answer his question. But before answering this question, you may talk in general about the average range of computer engineer salary, and jump to ask about other offer package items which will help in taking the perfect decision or let you be flexible on salary, so first you can ask about date you’ll start work, is there a year-end bonus or not?, How much vacations do you have in a working year?, Is it possible for the employer to pay bills for you?, like mobile bill or living expenses, beside a general question about any benefits you’ll gain while working for them (may be free trips, free meals, or drinks …). All previous benefits may affect any computer engineer salary. If you found at the end that the annual salary offered is lower than the known average for the computer engineer salary and that the whole package & benefits is not enough to amend the difference, then you have to negotiate with the employer, by presenting your work, and why you worth more. By explaining how can you save money for the company by developing or upgrading a certain product or hardware, with mentioning a previous case study if available. It’s also important that you make the employer understand that you are ready to accept the package offer with minor adjustments, in the annual salary which must at least match the international average of computer engineer salary.


Computer Engineer Salary and Other Benefits

Computer Engineer Salary Average Rabidly Increases Every Year.

For any computer engineer must follow the alteration happens for the average range of computer engineer salary every period of time, at least every one year, as the computer engineer salary is one of the most rapidly increasing salaries among all the jobs fields in the world. For that the computer engineer can ask for a pay raise every year if his employer didn’t announce for any salary raise. Before asking to raise the salary computer engineer must prepare a list of accomplished he did last year that he thinks it saves money for the company and the goals he will do in the next one. If the computer engineer salary is higher than the average of his local country the negotiation will be difficult. Because the company may suffer recession for any reason. But if the salary is less than the average of any computer engineer salary, and that will affect you and your family standard life, then you have to clear to them that your demand about the salary raise is not arbitrary, and even try to find a better offer in other company.