How much does a Computer Engineer make? An objective Study

How much does a Computer Engineer make?

Every student chooses his/her future career by analyzing the professional competence of a particular field. Computer Engineering is a viable option for students. This article will talk about what is computer engineering, its demand and need and mainly how much does a computer engineer make?

How much does a Computer Engineer make

How much does a computer engineer make in different categories?

Computer Engineers can earn in the two main domains of computer engineering; mainly software engineering and hardware engineering. Computer engineers basically design computers and software programs to make them function according to the need of company. Computer engineers create rapid advancements in technology by solving complex problems in computer hardware and creating sophisticated software. Choose your field of interest wisely and what you want to be.

A computer engineer’s basic task is designing new computer equipment, creating blueprints, testing the completed models, analyzing test results, updating existing computer hardware, and supervising the manufacture of the hardware they have designed. Computer engineers alone ensure that all components of computer hardware function to line up with all of the latest software. Computer Engineers are also involved in creating new innovative software consisting in the development of server and software interfaces and operation systems. Software engineers (also called software developers) design the programs itself that will function in computer.

We now question how much does a computer engineer make?

How much does a computer engineer make annually and hourly?
How much does a computer engineer make? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics records for May 2012, the average computer engineer salary is $103,980 per annum. This is equivalent to a mean hourly wage of $49.99. The bottom ten percent earns an average $63,970, while the top ten percent brought home prominently more with an annual salary of $150,130.

How much does a computer engineer make

Computer engineers that are employed within computer systems design services earn up to $104,120, but those working in scientific research and development services earn significantly less than average at $99,290. The top-paying industry for computer engineers is within software publishing, where they bring home an impressive annual mean salary of $115,920. Computer engineers are paid the highest in Michigan at $116,380, followed by California which stood second with the pay of $114,560.

How much does Computer Engineer make– Future prospects

Having seen how much does a computer engineer make, we now come towards consideration of future prospects of computer Engineering. Employment for computer engineers is speculated to grow slower than average at just 9 percent between 2010 and 2020. This is due to the foreign competition which will continue to negatively impact the growth of this profession. The pay of a profession corresponds to its demand and there will be a fixed number required to fulfill the demand for new innovative technology. Most job growth is predicted to occur within computer consulting firms, where they can work more closely with software developers.

Whenever you are applying for a job in the market, first analyze the market rates. Different companies offer different rates to hardware and software engineers. Apple foe example pays its hardware engineers more than software engineers. Google and facebook pays highly to its software engineers. Computer Engineering hence is still required and is a viable career option.