Architectural Engineering Salary Range In The Worldwide

Architectural Engineering Salary Range In The Worldwide

Like many other professions, architectural engineering is the most common and has its own integrity. The main task of an architectural engineer can be understood by first knowing the task of an architect. An architect designs the building layout, its dimensions, shape, appropriate location etc that compliance with customer’s requirement. Then an architectural engineer designs the energy efficient system, air entering vents, appropriate sunlight entering windows & skylights, electrical & plumbing system, structure & stability design for that building. Architectural Engineer can also do building design like an architect but unlike architect, architectural engineer also applies this building design practically in form of construction.

What is the Architectural Engineering Salary per year?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the average Architectural Engineering Salary of about $85,650 per annum. According to the same Bureau, Architectural engineering Salary can be as low as $51,810 per annum for newly hired or bottom workers and it can be as high as $126,190 per annum or even higher for top or experienced workers. The salary range is expected to be increased by about 20% in the next few decades. In every field and profession, the average salary range varies with industry & experience and so the Architectural Engineering Salary does. The Penn State College of Engineering situated in US reported their last year graduate’s architectural engineering salary of about $55,600 per annum as starting pay. Another college reported starting Architectural Engineering salary of $53,964 per annum. But this salary is no doubt likely to increase after few months or a year experience.Architectural Engineering Salary Range In The Worldwide

Architectural Engineering Salary: Region wise & Industry wise:

In reality the architectural engineering salary package remains same all over the country; it actually varies with the industry or the location that is the salary is high in the areas where more construction is in progress. The areas which are in development phase require more and more architects & architectural Engineers and so in such areas the architectural engineering salary raises. According to the US Bureau of Labor statistics, the architectural engineering salary is about $77,620 to $86,040 per annum for the engineers employed in state services &in local governmental organizations. The petroleum industries like fossil fuel extraction industries pay Architectural engineering salary of $118,790 per annum, which is quite a handsome pay.

As in the USA, the US Bureau of labor statistics reports the highest architectural engineering salary in Texas & Alaska and the lowest in Alabama & West Virginia.

How to make a career to have a handsome architectural engineering salary?

To meet specific goals, individuals must have objectives. To meet the goal of reaching Architectural Engineering Salary, you must first make two objectives. First is to get first class bachelors degree in architectural engineering & second is to hunt for your dream job. Most of the employers and companies accept only those architectural engineers who have a bachelors or master’s degree from licensed and accredited colleges or universities. Students willing to reach Architectural Engineering Salary by doing job in industry must have 5 years Bachelor degree with at least 1 internship experience (This is the requirement for some companies). Similarly, students who are willing to make a career in research and development must have both Bachelors & a Masters degree in architectural engineering which will give them a handsome Architectural Engineering Salary in a short time.