Architectural Engineering Salary One of the Highly Paid Job 2014

Architectural Engineering Salary One of the Highly Paid Job 2014

Architectural engineering is all about designing the construction of buildings. It is also called building engineering. The architecture engineers are mainly concerned with crafting and constructing the engineering system which can be used in the construction of buildings. These engineering systems involve electrical, fire safety, plumbing and HVAC systems about which we can rarely think. This field is so complex and requires a lot of understanding that it demands high architectural engineering salary.

Skills that require a high architectural engineering salary

The Market offers high architectural engineering salary because lots of skills and knowledge are required for an engineer to be in this field. An architectural engineer should be able to apply technique, methods, and equipments   practically in the field. He should have a professional understanding in designing techniques and tools, which involve in the production of plants and buildings. He should have practical knowledge of circuit boards, electrical equipments, processors, and computer hardware and software and their applications and programming. He should be best in strategic planning that includes management of scarce resources and their allocation, human resource management, labor techniques, good coordination between labor and management. He should be well known about raw material quality, cost and other tools, which will involve in construction of buildings, plants, highways, roads and other structures. He should have the knowledge to apply algebra, geometry, calculus etc. practically. He should be well aware about mechanics such as machines and their tools, their designs, uses, applications and maintenance.Architectural Engineering Salary

A professional engineer possesses all these skills and practical knowledge will definitely be offered high architectural engineering salary. Moreover, there is always a requirement of an engineer because somewhere, someplace, there is a planning of construction is going on which needs an architectural engineer to design it. That is why this field has a high scope that offers high architectural engineering salary.

Ranges of architectural engineering salary

Architectural engineering salary varies from job to job. If you have experience of 9 to 0 years in this field, you can earn above $74000 a year on average. This is the analysis from the Engineering Workforce Commission. Across the world, architectural engineering salary has different ranges. An entry-level engineer can earn from $40,000 to $60,000 a year with an average of $50,000 per year,

What are the factors that affect architectural engineering salary?

Architectural engineering salary varies on different bases. The important one factor is location. Areas where the population is high includes southern and western regions where baby boomers are moving to northern states. According to the BLS report, it is stated that architectural engineering salary is highest in California. Their pay range is above $86000 a year. Another important factor, which should be considered, is experience. The more experience an architectural engineer has, the more he will get paid. An engineer should start his career during his study program in doing internships in different firms. Another important factor is the size of the company for which you are working. The larger the size of the company is, the larger they will pay.Architectural Engineering Salary