Architectural engineering salary – building for benefits

Architectural engineering salary – building for benefits

What does an architectural engineer do? For what job are they paid? What kind of job they do? These kinds of questions might come into your mind when looking for architectural engineering. So starting with what basically architectural engineering is? Architectural engineering is the designing the building and also looking over matters like lighting, ventilation, structural system and building code.It is estimated that the average architectural engineering salary is $50,000 to $ 52,000.

PROS & CONS of Architectural engineering salary

Everything in this world has both good and bad characteristics, and the PROS relating architectural engineering are as follows:

  1. The architectural engineering salary is likely to increase in the coming years.
  2. There are great demands for the architectural engineer, especially in the developing countries and according to a survey around 60% of the countries are considered as developing countries.
  3. The earning in architectural engineering is higher than any other engineering degree.
  4. An engineer trained in one area can go to other countries for better salary.

The CONS of the architectural engineering include:

  1. Design standard and a deadline can cause job pressure.
  2. Some states may not allow an engineer from another state to work in their country.
  3. Some countries need extra licences which need 4 year experience.
  4. Starting salary is good but promotion is very slow.PROS & CONS of Architectural engineering salary

Architectural engineering salary – job requirements

To be a successful architectural engineer there are several requirements. Firstly, you have to complete your Bachelor’s degree which takes around four to five years. Being a student of architectural engineering you need to study building construction, surveying and architectural history. Along with this you also have to do lots of research. And before fulfilling the next requirement you should complete a Master’s degree or at least 30 credit hours.

Secondly and the final step from being a professional and successful engineer you have to pass the licensing exam. After passing this exam you can now sell services directly to the public and this way your architectural engineering salary can also be increased. For adding further value to your architectural engineering degree, after having 4 years work experience you may give the second exam of Principles and Practice of Engineering. Through these exams and experience you may earn a large increment in your architectural engineering salary.Architectural engineering salary - job requirements

Architectural engineering salary – regional comparisons

As the architectural engineering is closely linked with the construction industry so the area having more construction works opens the employment possibilities for an architectural engineer. However the salary of the architectural engineer is somewhat same throughout the country. Through the survey it is estimated that the southern and western states have a big construction industry which is why the demand of the architectural engineer is more in these states and average architectural engineering salary in western states is approximately $80,000. As said before that a country a somewhat same architectural engineering salary but in some countries the departments like Oil and gas extraction, Specialized design services, Pipeline transportation and some other pay much higher architectural engineering salary than other departments as they need more specialized and experienced architectural engineers.