A Look at Apple hardware engineer salary

A Look at Apple hardware engineer salary

Apple Hardware engineer salary is higher than software engineer salary

Apple is known to place utmost importance to its hardware; the size, design, texture and ease of use is what Apple focuses on most and is the exact thing which makes Apple unique and enables it to stand out. Hence it is of no surprise that Apple Hardware engineer salary is slightly higher than apple software engineer salary. An expert in Apple Hardware engineer salary gets paid around $105,316. Hardware engineers’ basic responsibility is to make sure Apple’s hardware is up to the given quality and meets Apple standards.

The typical salary of a Product design engineer is $116,019. Apple gives immense importance to its design and the company pays it designers generously; most often even higher than a typical software engineer pay.

Apple Hardware engineer Salary

Once you become an expert as a hardware engineer you get promoted to be a senior hardware engineer. A typical senior apple hardware engineer salary is around $124,893. This is because the design staff is highly valuable at apple and according to salary data from Glassdoor apple hardware engineer salary in many cases is better than some of Google’s top engineers.

Different categories of Apple Hardware engineer Salary

A typical Mechanical engineer gets paid a salary of $99,900. Apple’s products also face a lot of basic traditional mechanical problems — like dealing with heat and moving parts. Mechanical engineers design Apple products in such a way as to counteract these constraints in order to make Apple products user friendly and also to make sure Apple’s products don’t fall apart as a result of these trivial problems and maintain its standard quality at the same time.

A Firmware engineer takes home $103,985 from Apple Company. Firmware engineers make sure all of Apple’s software works smoothly with its corresponding hardware counterparts. It’s a critical role that requires an expertise in both hardware and software area and hence is paid heavily.

A Test engineer earns $104,926 and they develop processes that stress test products in order to assure they meet Apple’s standards for quality. They’re responsible for creating a testing process to make sure that every Apple device shipped is fully functional and free of defects. It is like final testing of products in field to mark defect and then make modifications to reach perfection.

Highest paid category in Apple Hardware Engineer Salary

Steve Jobs had said multiple times that Apple is a company that sits at the cross-roads of design and technology. At its core, it has a bit of creative DNA (infused by music, mostly) that makes its products unique and hum in a way that companies like Google and Research in Motion can’t quite match.

Different categories of Apple Hardware engineer Salary

Art directors are the people in charge of the overall visual appearance of a product and how it communicates visually with consumers. It is the real sensitive hardware area to which users interact directly. Art Directors hence paid really huge with $188,664 as this is a key role at Apple and a highly valuable one.