Every flying object or an aerial thing has involvement of Aerospace Engineering. It’s one of the topmost engineering fields that mainly focus on designing, testing and implementation of Satellites, airplanes, helicopters, missiles etc. Individuals having Bachelors, Masters or PhD degrees in Aerospace Engineering are enjoying a good market value & salary range all over the World.


Fresh to Mid career Level Aerospace Engineer Salary:

According to a research conducted by the topmost Jobs & Salaries Website ‘’, the average Aerospace Engineer Salary is 47% more than any other Engineering Discipline. The US news & World Report stated average Fresh Aerospace Engineer Salary to be $62,459/ annum as in 2009. The same department reported a PhD Aerospace Engineer Salary to be $73,814/ annum in 2009. This statistics clearly shows the post and position of an Aerospace engineer in todays World. According to the report of University Of Texas, Aerospace Engineering ranks number 5 among various topmost disciplines having highest salaries. According to the latest statistics of University of Texas, the average starting Aerospace Engineer Salary is about $71,300 leading to $109,000 per annum for mid level career.AEROSPACE ENGINEER SALARY RANGE OF FIRST CLASS

Aerospace Engineer Salary According to Industry & Experience:

US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Aerospace Engineer Salary of about $97,480 which was much greater than the other Engineers mean salary which amounts $83,340.This is just the initial pay, but after gaining years of field exposure and experience, the aerospace engineer’s pay scale starts increasing exponentially and rapidly. BLS reports that an experienced Aerospace Engineer Salary ranges from $125,260 to $147,810 per annum.

Just as the Pay Package varies according to experience, it is likely to vary with the Job & Industry. Most, if not all, Aerospace Engineers choose to go directly in manufacturing field, such Engineers reported a comparatively low pay scale of about $96,740 per annum. The Aerospace Engineers working in Navigation & Control Instruments reported a fine salary of $106,140 per annum. Where as the Aerospace Engineer Salary for those working in Federal Government was reported to be $111,080 per annum.

How to Qualify for a Fine Aerospace Engineer Salary:

An individual interested in earning a fine Aerospace Engineer Salary has two important things to do:

  • Get respective education & training
  • Hunt for the desired job

Get Education & Training:

At starting level, Aerospace Engineer should at least be a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering; this can be done in 4 to 5 years. Many colleges and Universities offer Bachelor’s Degrees in Aerospace Engineering & other related fields like Aeronautical Engineering & Astronautical Engineering etc. Individuals having Bachelor’s Degrees in Mathematics & Natural Sciences can also reach Aerospace Engineer Salary & Jobs. Qualifying for Aerospace Engineer Salary & Job requires professional licensing for which the prerequisite is a degree from accredited college or university.

Hunt for Job:

Once you earn a fine degree from accredited college and get professional licensing then the next phase of Job Hunting starts. This requires much patience and hard work. You must know your desired Job and accordingly contact respective departments & employers. If you want to do research and want to go in Space field, then you must first contact NASA. If you are a career-oriented person having interest in Private sector job then you can contact any private commercial airline, aircraft manufacturer, aerospace parts & tools manufacturer etc. For public Sector Job, you need to contact Civil Service Agency. In order to start with a fine Aerospace Engineer Salary, you may also seek help from your University’s Industrial Liaison Department.