About Computer science Engineering

About Computer science Engineering

Computer Science Engineering Review

It is now science age. Science has invented many important things already. Computer is one of them. It’s a magical machine. We can solve many hard equations with this. Also we can count a big number. So we have to know about computer. Also we know how it works. That why, now a day’s many students are taking a bachelor degree in Computer Science Engineering (CSE). The Department of Computer Science Engineering offers three programs to the students.

Computer Science Engineering course

It is a three-year program, the first year of which is a foundation course. When a student finishes his bachelor period on Computer Science Engineering he/she can achieve more information about on these three programs. All computer programs provide good opportunities to interface in practical life. Not only students get information about software but also they gather more knowledge on hardware.

Computer Science Engineering topic

In 1st year student can know about of computers basic principles of analog and digital computation brief history of digital computers importance of computers their impact on society application areas. Functional units of a typical digital computer, I/O devices peripherals, printers, Monitors, mouse, joysticks, VDU, modems, optical magnetic document readers. Main memory systems types of Roms and Rams. Backing memory systems movable devices and hard disks caroms and flash memory devices. Processing units and bus systems Types of software systems software and application software. Operating systems: objectives and functions introduction to dos windows and UNIX. Computer security: objectives various security issues.

Computer Science Engineering

The entire period is designed to provide students with a solid, broad basis on which to pursue their professional career. Then CSE students will develop software in group/individually using a structured programming language. After that Students will develop a software in individually using any object oriented Programming language. Student wishing to take the full program on a part-time basis must devise an individual program in consultation with the scholar counselor. There are no different lectures or project sessions, and no unique agreements for part-time students. Every effort has been made to ensure that the costs associated with taking the Computer Science Engineering program remain within the standard guidelines. In calculating the costs, we have taken into account the purchase of a laptop or notebook computer, for which a special arrangement exists.


Advice about on Computer Science Engineering

The Student of Computer Science Engineering counselors forms an important link between the student body and the department. They coordinate the guidance provided to students throughout the program. They know all coaches and mentors and advise the Examinations Committee about any amendments to the Education and Examination Regulations required meeting the special needs of separate students. Students are supposed to contact the Student counselor to converse any program-related problems, e.g. planning complexes if you are required to re-take a course component. The Student counselors also monitor student progress and can advise on ways to ensure that you complete the program within the allotted period. Students are encouraged to make use of their knowledge and expertise when necessary.