The 21st Century’s Needs from The Software Engineer

Software Engineer as a job

The computer software engineer‘s job is not only considered as one of the most needed jobs in the 21st century, but also it is the most dramatically increased in entry-level position. The reason of that, is the corresponding dramatically increasing in computer technology, which includes recent communication devices like smart phones, tablets, and more. Software Engineer also considered as the most famous IT job, the name of this job by the year 1960 was known as, computer programmer, which influence the present of only one kind of computer technology, the desktop computer, and the absence of any other digital devices, that starts to appear recently specially with the noticeable needs of digital devices in people’s life. As we can see nowadays how people deal with digital machines in home like digital washing machines, digital refrigerators, and digital TVs. While in the street we can see a smart phone or tablet within people’s hands. And in hospitals, airport, police station, we can see a lot of digital devices some we know, and some we don’t & others are recently created, all of these digital devices and more are now created, developed, and manage by a software engineer.

So now we can imagine how many software engineers needed by our digital world, through the 21stcentury and also, understanding why this number of needs growing dramatically.

Want to be a software engineer?

If you want to become a software engineer and you want to know what degree you have to hold, then you have to know that some software engineers hasn’t any related degrees to the job qualifications, and despite of that they are working in small to large IT companies, but in fact, the number of these kind of software engineers, compressed by the time. And a relevant education degree is now commonly preferred in most IT companies.

Degrees needed for an academic software may varies between countries, where most of software engineers have degrees in computer science, or information systems & others have degrees in information technology.

Whatever the name of these degrees, but the requirements and studied subjects are almost the same, and most of degrees in a large number of colleges & universities around the world studying computer science and general engineering principles. Subject differences found when a certain specialization needed as, medical software, where studying of medical informatics needed, or embedded systems, where studying of electrical engineering needed because embedded software usually requires a focus understanding of hardware.

The Software Engineer

The basic skills for Software Engineer

Education & Degrees are important in the field of software engineering, but they aren’t the most important. because there are some basic skills, must be found in any software engineer, where these skills are the real distinction between profession levels of software engineers, these skills are as follows:

  • Computer software engineers must love software research, and reading about software developing.
  • Computer software engineers
  • Join social computer engineers communities on the net, and expand your software.
  • Software engineers must concentrate on details, and use his experience, knowledge & can make try & error with patient to find any hidden mistakes.
  • Software engineer, must have the patient & the ability to work on multi tasks for long periods of time.