Computer Engineering Salary

Find Out more information about work need, career chances, work skills, work environment also the top salary for most jobs. How much do Computer Engineers make in different fields ? These is the main purpose of Computer Engineering Salary UK.

Computer Engineer Salary Average: $91,800 per year

Average Computer Engineer Salary


Minimum Average Maximum
Computer Hardware Engineer Salary $64,000 $106,920 $153,735 (+)
Computer Science Engineer Salary $112,000 $128,000 $144000 (+)
Computer Engineer Salary $61,000 $93,300 $144,546 (+)
Computer Information Systems Salary $73,000 $88,500 $121700 (+)
Computer Software Engineer Salary $56,000 $99,820 $141,961 (+)

Computer Engineer Salary

As Per Research: Computer engineer salary average in USA is $91,800 per year (2014), which mean that is the best higher salary on USA. Also the our previous research for the last year proved that the new fresh graduates can paid an average salary between of $86900to $97400 .

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There are many major topics on Computer Engineering such as; Computer Information Systems, Computer Hardware Engineer, Computer Software Engineer, Computer Science Engineer And Computer Programer Engineer.

Computer Information Systems Engineer employers prefer to hire applicants and give a good computer information systems salary who have adequate work experience, training and certification credentials.

Experience can be gained by joining the firm at entry level position and under the supervision of a senior engineer. Then they can learn about risk management, testing programs associated with information systems.

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Computer Hardware Engineer

Simply put, a computer engineer is the one who designs, develops and test new computer hardware components. A computer engineer deals with common computer hardware components and peripherals including; routers, circuit boards, Central processing units (CPUs), processors, video graphics, modems, printers, memory devices and chips.

Computer Hardware Engineering Salary Average is $106,920 , and the highest salary is $153,735 per year. Also As Per BLS Gov that computer hardware engineer salary will be raising till 2020 more than %7.

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Computer Software Engineer

Create, update, creative, develop, test, design and make sure that the software it’s already working well without any technical problems Help companies to to create their needs with simple using such as, interface, easy tools, operating systems and more.

Computer Software Engineering Salary Average is $99,820 , and the highest salary is $141,961 per year. Also As per BLS Gov that computer software engineer salary will be increasing till 2019 more than %8.

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Computer Science Engineer is the technology, which deals with the theory in addition to types of control details within electronic personal computers, the look of computers in addition to software package, along with the purposes of personal computers.

The average of computer science engineer salary was $112,000 while the lowest paid engineer earned an average of $62, 400 per annum and the top 10 percentile of earners make an average of about $144,000. Computer science engineer salary will also depend on numbers of years of work experience, degrees and organizations they work for.
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Computer Programmer Engineering

Is a very tough job. So it is not surprising to see colleges and universities and colleges placing up their own classes, each harping on a specialty to attract potential pc technicians.

In United Kingdom, the average computer programmer salary is $ 3,476, while in countries like Romania, Slovakia or Mexico the net income is lower, from $ 646 to $ 886 for 40-50 hours per week.

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What is really effect on Computer Engineer Salary ?

: The most effective factor that actually lead the salary for ex: The best highest countries for computer engineering salary in most of their topics USA, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand. And Also The states and Cities also effect on the same but not as the country.

Work Experience: Of course these is also very important item on the total salary equation which mean more experience is higher salary than the rest engineers so if you are having biggest experience more than 5 years you will get great salary.

Engineer Degree and Education: Your salary also will affect per year depended on your computer engineering degree and your Computer engineering Bachelor. So if you are still without high degree so you can sign up for your preferred schools if you need to know more about these point you can read these post Top computer engineering schools

Engineer Performance: These point on your hand because if you are hard worker actually you get high salary so don’t be lazy on your work to be better on all of your career.

Engineer Employer: There are many companies searching for computer engineers like Apple, Amazon, Google, Toshiba, Facebook, Samsung, IBM, Microsoft and More Others – Read More to know their requirements and skills to be qualified enough to get your place easily.

More Information About Computer Engineering Salary

Here are the highest paying places for computer engineering salary from 2 sides the first one states and the second the companies

Highest Salary By Cities: Highest Salary By Companies:
California Apple
Colorado Google
Silicon Valley Facebook
Massachusetts Twitter
Lowell Amazon
Durham Google
Boulder Apple
Framingham LinkedIn
North Carolina Wikipedia
Massachusetts Live